Course Books

We work with Hueber textbooks of in all of our German classes. The textbook Menschen is used in our A1, A2, and B1 courses. Sicher! is the textbook for our B1+, B2, and C1 courses.

Please make sure that you get these exact books (there’s another exercise book saying “HIER” on the cover, but that’s the wrong one). The book can be bought from Hugendubel and there are two nearby branches: One at Karstadt on Hermannplatz and another in the Neukölln Arcaden shopping center right by Rathaus Neukölln U-Bahn.

The advantages of these textbooks are:

  • They focus on the learner: During the classes, the learners themselves get active as much as possible
  • The contents are relevant for the learning objectives
  • The books offer a large number of different text types
  • The units have a reasonable length, matching the attention span of learners
  • The books address current and authentic topics
  • All skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) are trained
  • There is the possibility of repeating units and checking oneself
  • Internet and digital media are included
  • The textbooks follow a consequent action orientation and project work
  • Learners’ interests are included in the learning process
  • Pictures and vocabulary are connected in order to make use of the mental dictionary
  • Learning tips are provided to continue working with learning strategies
  • Other languages are integrated in comparisons to benefit from the command of these languages

A1 Beginner

This course is designed for students with no or little knowledge of German. You’ll learn to make first contacts in German, introduce yourself and others, make appointments, and phrase and accept invitations. You’ll be able to talk to your friends and colleagues about your job and your hobbies. You’ll learn to order things and orientate yourself in Berlin. At the end of the course, you’ll be able to ask for directions to find the hippest bar and order your beer in German.

A2 Elementary

In this course, you will learn to make phone calls in German. In addition, you can write e-mails and WhatsApp messages in German. You’ll be able to change the language settings on your mobile phone to German now. If you don’t have a permanent place to stay, you will be able to understand apartment offers and make appointments to look at flats to find a place in your favorite neighborhood. You can make your place comfortable by ordering your furniture online without any problems or buying it at flea markets – bargaining in German first.

B1 Intermediate

Now you don’t need English anymore and can really get started! You can tell the other students and your friends about your home country. That is because you can talk about the past now. And you are equipped for the less comfortable situations in life: When you get sick, you can tell the doctor where it hurts. When your food is served cold in a restaurant, you can talk to the waiter in German before you start ranting in your mother tongue. We’re convinced that Berlin is the best city, but you should definitely travel through Germany: You can organize a ride or a train ticket for yourself, find a couch to sleep on, or book a hotel room in German.

B2 Upper Mediate

In this course, we will work more intensively with current newspaper articles. You can comment on current political and social events in a sophisticated manner, adding words to your German vocabulary. You can do interviews in German and find the job of your dreams. In addition, we address ourselves to art and culture: You can read German literature in the original version. It doesn’t have to be Goethe – German literature has so much more to offer. You know the subtleties of the language, yet the colloquial German is on our agenda as well: We want your German to be authentic. German idioms are way cooler than you think. And you will understand that German and your mother tongue have a lot in common. You will be able to express yourself precisely in German. In addition, it is easier for you to follow talks on the radio as we are doing a lot of listening exercises.

C1 Advanced

In this course, you deepen and optimize your knowledge of the German language. You refine both your receptive skills, reading and listening, and the active competences of speaking and writing. We treat topics from the worlds of politics, history, and literature, current print media, and interactive blogs – anything you want. They are the basis for interesting conversations and topics to write about. You are an eager writer by now and you feel secure when speaking German. This course is also a preparation for the university admission tests TestDaF and DSH.

C2 Proficiency

You are about to become a native speaker. In this course, we work with more demanding German texts. You are practically able to understand anything in German. You can speak spontaneously and fluently and understand and express subtle shades of meaning. You talk about complex issues in a clear and structured manner and make use of different ways to tie sentences to each other. We address working in Germany: You write applications on your own and do interviews in German without any problems. This course is also a preparation for the university admission tests TestDaF and DSH.

Conversation Course

A lively and intercultural conversation course to refine and refresh your communicative skills. The course takes place once a week on Sundays and lasts four weeks. In a relaxed atmosphere, we talk about various current topics such as everyday life, art, literature, or politics. In small groups, you practice your oral expression in authentic situations – just as in real life. Your language level should be about B2.1 for this course.